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GasDry desiccants from Van Gas Technologies are used to remove water vapor from natural gas. GasDry desiccants are applied throughout the natural gas industry, from the production field, to the processing plant, to storage, transmission, and distribution.

Natural gas dehydration experts at Van Gas Technologies have decades of experience and have encountered virtually every application imaginable.

Sales Gas Dehydration

Van Gas Technologies expertise ensures that everyday billions of cubic feet of natural gas meet “sales gas” specifications.

Sales gas is product that a natural gas producer, processor, or transporter intends to sell and not to consume for operations.

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Fuel Gas Conditioning

Fuel gas conditioning and dehydration is essential for the smooth operation of gas-fired production equipment.

Natural gas producers and transporters often rely on wellhead gas to fuel production equipment in remote locations where access to the electric grid is impractical or unavailable.

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Instrument Gas Dehydration

Natural gas producers and transporters often use pressurized natural gas as source of pneumatic power for actuating valves and controllers, and for operating instruments.

Impurities in instrument and control gas can lead to significant operational difficulties. Entrained water vapor is a particularly harmful contaminant. Water vapor condenses when saturated gas cools. Wet gas leads to poorly functioning and frozen valves or failed instruments, which can lead to downtime and lost production.

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