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Glycol Dehydration

Van Gas Technologies specializes in the design and production of tabletted deliquescent desiccants for natural gas dehydration. With extensive in-house engineering, drafting, and fabrication capabilities, Van Gas also offers a range of standard and engineered-to-order natural gas dehydration vessels and packaged gas dehydration solutions along with other gas processing equipment. Van Gas Technologies products are commonlyapplied for teh dehydration of fuel gas, instrument gas and sales gas. In some cases, GasDry desiccant offer gas producers , transporters and processors an alternative to TEG dehydration. Gas Dry Desiccants offer a simple and effective solution for natural gas dehydration applications.

Gas Dehydration Desiccants

GasDry desiccants from Van Gas Technologies are the highest quality absorbent deliquescent desiccant available on the market. Van Gas Technologies produces three grades of desiccant for a wide variety of natural gas dehydration applications. In some cases, GasDry desiccants can be used instead of TEG dehydration.

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Gas Dehydration Vessels

Van Gas Technologies offers a variety of proven solutions for gas dehydration, whether the application requires meeting pipeline moisture specifications, inhibiting hydrate formation, preventing condensation in pipelines, or improving the combustible quality of fuel gas.

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Natural Gas Filters

Van Gas Technologie's GF200 series coalescing and particulate filters are designed to remove contaminants from natural gas systems. Available in ¼" to 3" NPT connection sizes and flow capacities from 15 to 1200 scfm at 100 psig in 15 housings and 9 filtration grades, the GF200 series removes oil aerosols, oil vapors, condensed water, and particulates.

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